To allay legitimate concerns, a group of thought leaders, including Roger Gewolb of the Campaign for Fair Finance, have signed the London Token Raising Manifesto.

It embraces the core principles of transparency, fairness and trust which should underlie any token offerings and protect all from illicit activities, money laundering, scams, hyped speculation and fraud.

A precis of the key elements of the Personal ‘Code of Conduct’ For Token Issuers

1. Trustworthy -To act honestly and fairly, safeguarding the interests of customers and counterparties.

2. Dutiful -To act with integrity and to avoid any acts, omissions or bad business practices.

3. Lawful -To observe applicable law, regulations and professional conduct standards and to apply them with trust, honesty and integrity.

4. Careful -To observe standards of market integrity, good practice, conduct, and confidentiality.

5. Unconflicted -To be alert to and manage fairly and effectively any conflict of interest.

6. Competent -To attain and actively manage a level of professional and technological competence.

7. Contained -To decline to act in any matter about which you are not competent.

8. Aspiring -To uphold the highest personal and professional standards.