Hear Dr Roger Gewolb in a recent Radio interview

Dr Roger Gewolb is interviewed about the work he is doing with the Campaign for Fair Finance and the Fair Money website.

Dr Roger Gewolb is interviewed BBC Radio Manchester

Dr Roger Gewolb is interviewed by BBC Radio Manchester about how to handle the aftermath of the Christmas spend.

Dr Roger Gewolb meets Archbishop of Canterbury

Dr Roger Gewolb talks with the Archbishop of Canterbury about the need for fair finance in the consumer finance industry.

Dr Roger Gewolb talks with the Church Credit Champions

Dr Roger Gewolb talks with members of the Church Credit Champions Network about their work helping people with debt issues.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown pays a moving tribute to Sir Sigmund Sternberg, in an interview with Roger Gewolb about politics, the economy and fairness in all of them.

Sir Sigmund Sternberg

Roger Gewolb interviews “Sigi” in his home about his extraordinary life and works and his monumental contributions, especially in the fields of tolerance, fairness and respect for all.

Fairmoney.com Launch

Dr Roger Gewolb talks about the launch of FairMoney™ and the fair money.com website.

Lord Hunt

Roger Gewolb with Lord David Hunt, former Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission.

Alex Brummer

Dr Roger Gewolb talks to Alex Brummer about fairness in finance.

Branko Milanovic

Following presentations at LSE, RSA and Oxford on the publication of his hugely lauded book “The Haves & The Have Nots”, Gewolb interviews the renowned World Bank economist Branko Milanovic on the extraordinarily complex crisis of accelerating global economic inequality.

Prof Charles Kesler

Outside Parliament, Roger speaks with Prof Kesler, heir to the mantle of the late, great American Conservative intellectual William F. Buckley. Prof Kesler acknowledges the many gifts that Britain has made to American thinking and politics, but would actually like to give some of them back.

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