FairMoney.com is our new Fair Loans Price Comparison Website.

Through fairmoney™ we make available products designed for both Good and Bad Credit, whilst placing the emphasis on Fairness, bringing credit to the large section of the population who are cash poor, and at risk of taking out high cost loans in times of stress.

Fairmoney™ enables us to engage with the likes of the payday industry (and others), with a joint cause of providing credit to the subprime sector but at fairest possible rates.

At the same time our leadership threatens to expose unfair practice and profiteering simply by comparison. Therefore the subprime market will be better served, bringing liquidity into the lives of the people at the bottom of the economic pyramid in society.

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In addition, we’re putting our value led business together with disruptive technology, from our partners Equiniti Pancredit , who provide our market leading software.

We anticipate the ongoing development of Price Comparison Website technology will continue to bring clarity to the real choices facing the borrower, and undercut the value of big firms marketing – therefore the best deals for the consumer will become more salient.

Fairmoney™ offers the fairest possible rates regardless of credit profile. Fairmoney™ will make the finance industry plus all others that we deal with, focus on fairness not profit – at the same time continually improve itself, as we move forward together.

By offering consumers the means in which to understand the different financial products that are available to them – specifically those products that are relevant to their own individual credit rating – We will also show consumers how to understand their credit score, and also how to better their score. Thus giving them more financial knowledge and confidence…. And ultimaltey give them back the trust that they have so rightfully lost in an industry that has let them down for so long.

At fairmoney™ we also believe that all lenders should make their products as accessible to as many customers as possible, to help increase consumer awareness into the wide range of products that are available.

It is imperative that consumers know what products are available to them, while at the same time they also need to know that different lenders offer different rates.

Another innovation of fairmoney™ is the introductions of the fairmoney™ approved lender programme.

Through the programme, like minded lenders can display the approved lender logo on their own sites, which has a direct link to fairmoney™.

Customers can then easily explore fairmoney™ for competitive rates as well as alternative products.

At the same time the fairmoney™ approved lender logo will allow customers (both existing and new) to easily identify those lenders which act in a fair and responsible way.

Both the campaign and fairmoney™ are actively pushing for change.

The campaign for fair finance is the industry, commentator, regulatory facing parent organisation and fairmoney.com is the consumer facing business.

Both share the same values, but they express them in different ways to maximise results and to extend fairness to as wide an audience as possible.

The smart search technology, or loan decision engine, within the fairmoney™ website, is powered and run by our business partner, equiniti pancredit.

Together fairmoney™ and equiniti pancredit are selling fairness as a brand virtue…..

……and therefore we expect that this is a quality that can be applied to all financial service areas……. Where self regulation through the application of core company principles, can bring benefits to the consumer, and help rebuild once again the compact between business and society.

In short – and to conclude our systems, loan search engine and technology are state of the art. The innovation of running our state of the art disruptive technology together with the ethos of fairness – means that any change brought about by fairmoney™ will have fairness throughout

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