Dr. Roger Gewolb

Roger is a financial entrepreneur, subprime lending expert and founder of the Campaign for Fair Finance™.

In the past, he has founded, run numerous lenders and has advised the Bank of England and the UK Treasury on asset finance policy, and now works with leading parliamentarians and regulators on initiatives to reform the UK credit and subprime lending industries. He also gives financial and media strategy advice to a number of charities and social enterprises.

Roger is also the chief founder of the UK subprime motor finance industry and a UK subprime consumer finance authority.

Roger is deeply involved in finding solutions to the accelerating problems besetting the growing population of debt-burdened and financially challenged citizens in the UK.

Ross Balmer

Born in Scotland, raised in Essex, Ross is the co-founder of the Campaign for Fair Finance™ and has worked extensively within the consumer finance, digital marketing and price comparison website industries.

Over the past 22 years Ross has helped build successful, customer-friendly and fair underwriting and collection departments in both unsecured and secured lenders, including the motor finance sector.

Ross has mostly worked with Dr Roger Gewolb’s companies over the past 15 years, playing an integral role in growing them. For several years however Ross was in charge of the Wales/South West England operation for one of the country’s largest motor finance companies.

In October 2012 Ross re-joined Dr Gewolb to help progress his Campaign for Fair Finance™.

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